For 2017, I will be following this schedule:

Book Reviews

I will post these every Friday. Unlike 2016, I will not be announcing which title I am reviewing. You will have to keep an eye out for the post to find out! I will always post links and updates on my Twitter (@jess_groom). If you have any recommendations for me, you can either use my contact page, leave a comment on my posts here, or send a Tweet with the author and title information.

Time For Tea

These posts, which will appear every second Tuesday starting January 3rd, will be a time for me to write out what is on my mind. There will often be topics related to books, but there may also be unrelated topics like interesting things going on in my life, around the world, new movies, et cetera. I plan on including what tea I am currently drinking while writing each post as a fun addition. You can also recommend new blends for me to try, so long as they are available in Canada.


If you have any questions about the schedule or want to send me recommendations (books to read, tea to try, as well as post topics), I encourage you to send me a message through the contact form, via comments, or on Twitter. I will also be setting up a Facebook page for this blog, and once that’s done you can contact me there as well.



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