21 Things You Should Know Before You Date A Grammar Nerd

I read a post on Thought Catalog called 21 Things You Should Know Before You Date A Grammar Nerd. I thought that, as a grammar nerd, it was a really nice list. I do also believe that it can also apply to being friends with a grammar nerd. In any case, I took the list and wrote my responses down after them. Anything in bold came form the original post form Though Catalog. My responses are brief, but mostly because for some of them I had to restrain myself or the response may have reached the point many consider “too long” for a blog post. Hope you enjoy, and feel free to share any other items you think should be on this list.

  1. Avoid sending texts like luv u. It will make everything horrible.
    • Yes, indeed it does. There is a reason that my texts are pretty much always written out “formally” (proper grammar, and such).
  1. If you ever give them an eloquent, handwritten card along with a gift, they’ll be so preoccupied with the beautiful card that they’ll forget that there’s a second part of the present.
    • Well, I may not forget about the second part, but a handwritten card would be beautiful and I would be very excited about it.
  1. If they tweet something that has a mistake in it, you better believe they will delete it and repost the whole thing all over again. Thank God Facebook and Instagram allow for edits.
    • Yes, I will either delete it, edit it, or shame myself (publicly) for the mistake.
  1. They’re not proud of it. They don’t consider having an OCD-level obsession with grammar to be any sort of accomplishment. It’s more like an inconvenient personality flaw that drives them crazy, because spelling mistakes CANNOT BE DEFEATED.
    • It does drive me crazy, noticing mistakes and getting upset by them.
  1. The image of you sitting on the couch and casually reading a book will get them going in a way that they cannot explain.
    • I have no explanation or answer for this one.
  1. Even back in the day, they usually spelled everything out on AIM. While most tweens abbreviated every word possible while chatting it up with pals after Survivor was over, they were not about that life.
    • Well, I did watch Survivor (and though I stopped, I want to watch the next season). But yes, when things like AIM and MSN were things, I usually wrote everything out.
  1. So even if their crush messaged them with, “Hey wutz ^,” they were initially too distraught by the grammar to celebrate such an incredible moment in time.
    • Pretty much. Well, no, I did notice. But it would suck a little bit if they did that to me.
  1. And while we’re reminiscing, nothing was more thrilling for a middle school grammar nerd than that of finding a grammatical error in a textbook.
    • Oh gosh. I always got so excited. Frankly, I still do. Also, finding errors in menus is fun too.
  1. Autocorrect is simultaneously their savior and the bane of their existence. No, they are notducking excited. But it’s too late to do ANYTHING about it. The damage is DONE.
    • I always…always cringe when I send a message that gets autocorrected like that, or I type too fast to notice.
  1. When it comes to tv shows and movies, they were – and still are – always attracted to the nerdy person that the main character isn’t supposed to notice until the end. Hello, Gordo.
    • I do not know who Gordo is, but generally I do go for the unlikely option (most of the time).
  1. They have physical reactions (read: cringing, recoiling, light vomiting) to words like “irregardless.”
    • Something like that.
  1. Don’t bring up the Oxford comma if you’re not a fan. They will fight you to the death.
    • There is no other comma other than the Oxford comma. It is the comma, end of story.
  1. Apostrophes are a dangerous game. Tread lightly.
    • Indeed they are. I hate it when people us it’s when it should be its.
  1. Their fears include: typos and death. In that order.
    • Give me grammar or give me death. My grade 9 English teach always said that.
  1. They will use semi-colons in their text messages. Just embrace the pretentiousness. They’re well-aware that it’s annoying.
    • It’s only annoying if they are used improperly, friends.
  1. They’re already debating what age their nonexistent children will be when they introduce them to Harry Potter.
    • Oh, I already know the answer to this one. There is no debate required.
  1. They have a very hard time not judging coworkers based on how their emails are written. They know it’s a bad habit. They’re trying to quit. But what are they supposed to do when their boss emails them something that says Can u check the status of the report I need to no what the next steps are thx for looking in to in it.They should quit, right? Quitting is the only option here?
    • I had a supervisor years ago who always wrote in that fashion. They never used capital letters and always did things like “………..” when it should have only been “…”
  1. They are very emotional when it comes to there, they’re, and their, and your and you’re, and it’s and its. 
    • Indeed. Not as much as the comma, but enough at least.
  1. If you’re ever unsure of what their favorite subject was in school, just assume it was English.
    • It was English. It was always English.
  1. Their very concerned with making sure that every email they send out is flawless.
    • No. No no no.
  1. If they read this post, the incorrect spelling of their in #20 will give them a heart attack.
    • I cringed. That’s why I said no.

Inspired by Thought Catalog: My Honest OKCupid Profile

Inspired by this post from Thought Catalog. I wanted to have some fun and this seemed like a good exercise.

My self-summary: A young writer (seriously, that’s my job title), and I have been getting so much joy from writing that out when I am asked for my occupation. I am always trying to get my hands on new things to read. I’m the type of girl who gets extremely passionate about the things I love and the people I care about. I grew up in the country, and have recently found that while cities are okay, I need to regularly find open and quiet spaces. You should be aware that I am quite shy at first, but open up once we know each other.

What I’m doing with my life: getting up too early in the morning, writing all day (every day), trying to make friends and feel comfortable in a new city, drinking copious amounts of tea, playing board games, dancing around my apartment, always calling my mom, texting one friend so often… 

I’m really good at: climbing trees and counter-tops (to reach things), speed reading, baking cookies (also cheesecake), cuddling, imagining worst case scenarios, quoting movies, singing the wrong lyrics to old songs, binge watching television shows…

The first things people usually notice about me: Honestly? I have no idea. It all depends on the person I ask. I can name three people right now that would all say something about my short height. I’d assume people also notice that I am generally reserved and quite quiet at first.

Favorite books, movies, shows, music and food:
A) Movies/Shows: anything with a British actor. Well. Hiddleston. Or Cumberbatch.

B) Books: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Fault in Our Stars, Pride and Prejudice…aaah just lots

C) Music: I don’t have an answer for this. It changes all the time

D) Food: I live in my room and I eat tacos

The six things I could never do without: Tea, books, my family, my best friends, my tassels, food.

I spend a lot of time thinking about: how my life is going to turn out, what I need to get for groceries, why people don’t text me back, raspberry lemonade, theories about television shows I watch, if I am ever going to finish my novel…

On a typical Friday night I am: rocking my pajamas, cooking dinner, watching TV, reading, texting my friends. Or making plans to take over the world, Pinky.

The most private thing I’m willing to admit: Being an adult freaks me out sometimes. Also, if I think about something I own, even if I don’t need it at the time, and cannot immediately remember where I put it, I am nervous and uncomfortable. I am also not sure if I have seen Star Wars, but I know everything about it anyways.

I’m looking for: Someone who can calm me down when I start freaking out. Who understands my passion for Lord of the Rings, books, Doctor Who, and such things even if they don’t share it for the same things. Someone who is okay to just sit with me. Someone who is willing to dance in my apartment (or theirs) with me.

You should message me if: you are an excellent cuddler, know how to cook, are understanding…like reading on some level (don’t have to be obsessed with it, but at least read for pleasure occasionally), and know things about computers (like how to take one apart and put it back together again).

Day One: Reminding Myself

Look at those legs. (hint: it's me)
Look at those legs. (hint: it’s me)

Today I tried something new. Well, not really. The actual activities I have done before, but I looked at this day under a new kind of light.

I guess that it is something that has been brewing for quite some time, though I did not really realize it until recently. I should probably explain.

A close friend of mine, who I have been confiding in, has told me the same thing a few times now. I want to keep the context and whatnot private, but the gist of it is that things will happen when I am not looking for them. It did for them at least.

I will admit that I am still working with that. Sometimes I do not believe it, but more and more lately, I find that I do. So here I am.

I took myself out today. Sure, I did some stuff that I needed to do (like buying conditioner), but mostly it was focused around leisure. I browsed through a bookstore. I went to a teashop and bought some new tea. I laughed. I smiled. I had fun.

I read a few blogs about women who tried what they called dating themselves.

I like that idea. I like it for what I was doing today.

I went for ice cream (yum Blizzard).

I was all smiles after my trip to the teashop and DQ. Yum, Blizzard.
I was all smiles after my trip to the teashop and DQ. Yum, Blizzard.

I bought myself an orchid (specifically, a phalaenopsis). I have told people this before, but I have actually never had a guy buy me flowers. So I’m taking it into my own hands. I’m doing things right (ha).


Today was day one. I am not waiting. I will live, the way I am.

Really, this is simply spending time with myself and having fun. Doing whatever I want to. Making sure that I am happy. I just think that calling it dating myself is funny. I know myself. As one blogger put it: Myself and I had tons in common, not to mention I think I am very pretty and have a pretty bodacious rack.  Myself and I like all the same kinds of food (hate Indian), music (secretly love Matchbox 20) and movies (horror, and anything Tyler Perry).  It was time I took me out for a good time.”

Sometimes I forget that I am amazing. It is time that I took the time out to remind myself of that.

Ended the day with a drink and delicious pizza. Tried two new things!
Ended the day with a drink and delicious pizza. Tried two new things!

I do plan to go out for dinner somewhere nice at some point. But aside from that, does anyone have any suggestions about what I should do on this little adventure? Leave them in the comments if you do!

New Venture: First Vlog Is Live

Good Afternoon!

Today, I edited and uploaded my first vlog! I am quite nervous about it, but I hope that everyone enjoys it and I would love some feedback! This won’t be my permanent filming location, as I noticed while editing that there was a glare reflecting in my glasses from the window. I think I did alright though, because after I got into it when I filmed the video, I found that I was more comfortable. The trick, at least while I am learning, might be to just talk about things that I am comfortable with. Today, that ended up being books!

Anyways, here is the link to my video:

Best Wishes,


Eleven’s Hour is Almost Over

Hello Internet, and Merry Christmas Eve.

I’ve been sitting here on the couch a little bit today, and I’ve decided to write a bit about what’s happening tomorrow, apart from Christmas itself. Whovians will know that tomorrow is also the Doctor Who Christmas Special, where we will be saying goodbye to Matt Smith as the Doctor.

I’ve noticed lately that there are many people around the Internet, and some in my real life, that are really freaking out and upset about the regeneration. Which I completely understand, although I’m not really upset about it.

I’ve been watching Doctor Who for about 8 years now, and have seen 4 regenerations (McGann, Hurt, Eccleston, Tennant) and am about to see my fifth. I’ve also seen video clips of the older Doctors’ regenerations, so I feel like I am generally comfortable with things by this point.

When David Tennant was going to regenerate, although I knew about it for over a year before it happened, I was a complete mess, especially when he said “I don’t want to go”. I think that for a few people that I know, both in real life and on the internet, are upset about Matt Smith leaving because he is their Doctor. Which I get, because David Tennant is my Doctor (totally allowed to say is because time travel), for a number of reasons, all of which would take me a long time to explain. Not the point though.

I am aware that I am not a completely season veteran of Doctor Who, though I am working my way through the classic episodes, but I thought that I would share my musings about the impending regeneration.

Yes, you will be sad for awhile about Matt leaving. But remember that you can always re-watch the episodes whenever you feel like it. I will still watch some things from David Tennant’s era. But also, the Doctor is amazing regardless of what face he has. Your Doctor will always be your Doctor, and kind of like how Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home, your Doctor will always be there to hold out his hand and invite you into the mysterious blue box to travel space and time.

I am always nervous when it’s time to usher in a new Doctor, but I am sure that Peter Capaldi will do a good job, and I have a feeling that his time as the Doctor will be reminiscent of how Doctor Who was in the classic days, what with him being an older actor. The classic episode are quite good, although its really bizarre to watch things in black and white and generally not great visual effects.

I do have to do some other things now, like work on my novel, but look forward to my review of the Christmas special. It should appear either late tomorrow or sometime on Boxing Day.

Once again, Merry Christmas (or just have a Happy Holiday depending on what you celebrate).

Best Wishes,