What’s In My Mug: Raspberry Meringue by DavidsTea

Have you ever been jealous of other people around you who seem to have perfect skin?

I have. It’s a feeling I have been experiencing all too often lately.

I know, of course, that the women in magazines have not only professional makeup artists working on them but the photographs also often go through photo editing software—so they really are not real. That being said, I cannot help but feel the twinge every now and again.

The worst of it comes, though, with the people around me every single day. It seems like they have gorgeous skin…or at least better than mine.

Logically, I understand I do not have it as bad as some people, but I still sometimes wish there was a magic skincare product that would work exactly the way you want it to in an instant. I want the magic where a blemish would be there one minute and gone a second later. This is, of course, not the way things work. Things like this take time. I only wish I could get a guarantee that a particular product would work the way I want it to, so I do not have to throw money at things and have them end up not working.

Skin is what we show the world. The most important being, in my opinion, the skin on our face. It’s a struggle when my skin isn’t perfect because then there are times when I would love nothing more than to hide my face. Makeup can only go so far, since I do not like wearing much of it in the first place. My philosophy is you should take good care of your skin so makeup is not something you wear to cover things up. But there are days, like today, when it becomes that for me.

Since my focus is shifting to skincare rather than makeup, for the most part, I have been researching what I should actually be doing. Did you know how complicated it was?

I have looked at many places and according to them, I will need makeup remover, cleanser, toner, and exfoliator, moisturizer, sunscreen, and any number of specialized products. But then some places will say you don’t actually need toner, you can use something called micellar water for a cleanser and makeup remover, your moisturizer can help with sun protection, or you can get one that will curb the oil or tighten your pores. There are countless pieces of conflicting advice—taking care of your skin is difficult.

I do have one rule for myself, though unfortunately it makes choosing my products a little harder as well as expensive. My rule is to use hypoallergenic/unscented products. I’ve had some unfortunate reactions before, and although it does not happen with all of them, I’d rather be safe. However, saying I want hypoallergenic/unscented products limits my choices quite a bit. I have to find what works with my skin type in addition to keeping it hypoallergenic. Unfortunately, not many companies do what I need them to, to the extent needed. Thankfully, I seem to have found a company who does what I need: Clinique. Well, we’ll see, because I am slowly transitioning over and seeing if their products do function for me. The good news though is they are hypoallergenic and they do have products marketed towards my skin type. So, fingers crossed?

I think, despite my insecurities about the way my skin looks, I have learned a lot by shifting my focus onto skincare rather than makeup. Perhaps the key is wearing sunscreen every day, even if it’s not going to be sunny outside. I could be better at it, given putting sunscreen on my whole body isn’t always on my radar, but at least now I am arming my face as much as I can. Doing the best that I can.

I can only hope I will step out feeling confident more days than I don’t.



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