What’s In My Mug: Earl Grey by DavidsTea (with unsweetened vanilla almond milk)

“Sometimes the right person tells the right story at the right moment, and through a combination of luck and design, a creative expression gains new force.” ― Lin-Manuel Miranda

This is the second time I’ve tried to write a post for this week’s Time For Tea. I’ve had a lot of things swimming around in my brain for the month of September, quite a few of which are tied up into students returning to school, whether it’s to university or to high school. Specifically, my nostalgia over being finished with my education (at least for the foreseeable future).

I don’t think my adjustment to university was a particularly smooth one, and looking back I think I could have done a whole lot more to help. I think it comes down to pushing myself more beyond the classes themselves. I had those down pat, I think. I mean, I remember my first term ended with four exams within a week. Although it was tough, I managed to pull it off quite well.

There are certain things about my past I would not change for the world, of course. I guess being nostalgic and missing certain points in your life is something everyone experiences at a certain point. Frankly, I never understood when people say life goes by quickly, but right now I feel like I blinked and here I am!

I don’t know how old you are, but I just want to say for those still in university or high school…cherish this time. I know I’m just another person saying it, but it’s true. Time goes by in the blink of an eye, so you absolutely should make the most of it! I’m sure if you are older than I am either you agree or think it’s funny a 23 year old woman is saying this. Of course, you might be thinking both!

I’ve also been reflecting on Indy a lot as well. Have been ever since he passed. I generally don’t go a single day without thinking about him even a little bit. Largely because I love him—and yes, present tense, because it doesn’t stop even though he is no longer with us—but also because I still have a picture of him as the background of my phone. Sometimes when I think about him it hurts like hell, but sometimes it’s just a nostalgia. I guess that’s how grief works? It comes in waves and sometimes you get calm waters in between.

I think all this reflecting was part of the reason I decided I wanted to start filling my scrapbook again—it’s been sitting around for a few years now without any additions. Though I’ve also discovered scrapbooking is quite expensive if you really want to go through the Pinterest-worthy designs. I’m trying to figure out a new game plan for this. Hoping something will come together soon. I could use it!

I could probably keep chatting about the various thoughts going through my head, but then we would probably be here forever. Of course, I also struggled in trying to figure out what to talk about this week, given that a lot of my reflecting includes things I cannot share on my blog quite yet. In a couple of weeks I think I will have a lot to say, so look forward to that! Until then, enjoy your tea!


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