What’s In My Mug: Earl Grey by DavidsTea


“All men must die. But we are not men.”

A couple of weeks ago Game of Thrones returned to our television screens for its seventh season. I’d been waiting for it like everyone else, though it was not until the season premiere did I realize just how much I wanted to hear this story again.

I have an interesting relationship with the show and story—I started reading the books first, and would proceed to watch the show as I progressed. This led to me being spoiled about the Red Wedding episode roughly a day or two before I read that part in the story. The other thing I found was the previous season of Game of Thrones was quite easy to predict in terms of a couple significant plot points. I won’t tell you what they are in case you (somehow) don’t know already, but what I am trying to convey here is that Game of Thrones was heading into the predictable realm. This is something I really dislike—something needs to capture my interest!

Of course, I wanted to write today about a few of my favourite characters in the series, because they have storylines right now I just cannot get enough of. I mention this because the remainder of this post will likely contain spoilers for those who are not caught up with the show. If you want to avoid that, I would stop reading now.

As I write this two episodes of season seven have aired, though when you read it the third episode will have aired. I, however, will be away camping and will not have had the chance to watch it yet. So for all I know they could all be dead by then. I doubt it, but you never know with this show.

Daenerys Targaryen

Oh Khaleesi. I remember when I first starting reading the series, I actually thought Khaleesi and Daenerys were two different people. It didn’t last more than a couple chapters, but I find it funny looking back. It goes to show how dense the reading material is, if it tripped me up at one point.

Anyways, Dany is one of the characters I’ve attached myself to simply because of pure enjoyment. I cannot relate to her specific story, for obvious reasons, but there is still something fascinating about her. In particular, I’ve been interested in her progression to a character who seems both kind and ruthless at the same time. She looks out for the common folk, but if you cross her—watch out, this woman is a fierce one.

There are many things I like about Dany, but if I were to narrow it down to two it would be her position as a powerful woman and the intricacy and humanity of her characterization. She is not a lily-white character who is completely good. There are so many sides and layers to her—the writer in me loves all of that.

Jorah Mormont

Jorah makes me ecstatically happy but also breaks my heart at the same time. I can see how he was operating when the series began, of course, and to watch him travel from spying to utter devotion and love…he is one of a kind. Right now my mind when watching the show is so focused on his story, particularly how he connects with Dany. I mean, greyscale? You want to give him greyscale so he is very likely going to die? I mean, we all know he loves Dany—it’s been said multiple times by many people—but I cannot help but believe there has to be something on her end as well, even if its not quite the same. I do believe it is a close friend or adviser relationship for her (unless this time with greyscale changes anything–not that she owes him by any means).

My hope right now is that he will be cured thanks to Sam Tarly—that scene in episode two was disgusting—and I very much hope he will travel back to his Khaleesi as soon as possible. I doubt the two of them will be together, of course, even if the two do make it out of the series alive. That said, I cannot see either one moving much further without the other. I can see people pulling Dany in different directions, some of which have been disastrous, and I believe if Jorah were around things would be solid. He has seen her through just about everything, has he not? I think he would be her anchor to help her actually move smartly when taking the Iron Throne.

Petyr Baelish (Littlefinger)

My choice here I assume might shock some people, but here me out. It’s not that I like him as a person, because I don’t (not really), it’s more so how fun it would be to write about him. He is excellent at getting what he wants, and especially concealing those wants from the vast majority of people. His interactions with Sansa are certainly intriguing. He says he loves her (to Jon) in the most recent episode, but it is definitely entirely different than the love Jorah has for Dany—no question. Even if there are similarities, I think the portrayal is definitely meant to make use differentiate the two stories in significant ways. But overall, I love how he works and manipulates and I do believe he would be a fun character to write for.

Tyrion Lannister

Here I think Tyrion brings the wit and comedy to the character cast of Game of Thrones—he drinks and he knows things, after all. It’s interesting because I’ve found his character amusing recently, but at the same time there’s something there that makes me uncomfortable. Perhaps it’s the paranoia talking, but I definitely think he’s not 100% trustworthy in the position he is in. Can he do what he says? Time will tell.

Honorable Mention

Considering there were so many Starks when the story started, I felt I had to include one on this list. With that said, I want to mentioned Sansa Stark (or you know, Lannister-Bolton, if you ask Lyanna Mormont). I think she has significant flaws in her character that make me take a step back, but all the same I think she is quite a bit like Petyr Baelish in terms of how she would play. She’s not a physical fighter, but rather a mental one. I particularly enjoy her scenes (and looks!!) with Petyr Baelish. She may very well move higher on my list. We’ll see what the rest of season 7 brings.


I do not know if all of these characters will survive. I do not even know if any of them will sit on the Iron Throne. I know who I would throw my support behind, but I don’t really have a say, do I?

For those of you reading, I would like to know: who are your favourite characters in Game of Thrones? You may choose from the show or the books (A Song of Ice and Fire). Why do you like them? If you want one of them to sit on the throne, which one?  I look forward to your comments! I hope to engage in good discussion—but only after I watch the most recent episode. Until then…


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