What’s In My Mug: Buddha’s Blend by DavidsTea
What’s In My Mug: Buddha’s Blend by DavidsTea

I’ll admit, I was so undecided about what to write for this week’s Time For Tea. I thought about writing about the new book box I got at the beginning of the month, as I have in a few previous posts, but it did not feel right this time. It is not because I did not like the box this month, because I did like it, but it is mostly because I have had a lot on my mind for past little while and it’s blocking a lot for me.

One of the things on my mind right now is Indy—my dog. Sure, technically the family dog, and my parents have him at home, but every time I visit I will take him out for walks, and he will sleep in my bed or on the floor in my room. I remember when I would come home from high school, my mom would wait until the bus had gone and then open the door so he could run to greet me (and my brother, when we were both coming from the bus). I know I love him very much and we are quite close, though of course I know everyone else in my family loves him too, and he loves all of us. In any case, what this comes down to is Indy has not been feeling well lately, and it’s been concerning me. Especially since I do not live at home and can only do so much and know so much from a distance. I know my parents took him to the vet again this morning (Monday), and I also know we do not really have answers.

I think what plays into my concern and distress over the situation is my anxious nature. I know I worry probably a lot more than the average person, and I am trying to work on it, but there is also only so much I can do on my own, especially when my mind tries to fight with me about this. So as it stands I just have to take a breath, hope, and pray my best little buddy will improve and will be running around soon.

It has been on my mind a lot this evening, but thankfully not the entire time. I actually went for a run after dinner using an app with a zombie apocalypse scenario. I’ve been using this app for a little while, but tonight it did something great for me. I believe I made my fastest time yet, though this is not the best thing. For the running time, I was able to rid my mind of thoughts aside from pushing myself faster, further, and focusing on the zombie storyline coming from my earbuds. Did it waver a bit for me? Sure, but for the most part I remained clear and focused on the task at hand. For that I am grateful, and I can see my running increasing so long as the ability to clear my head while using the app continues.

In other news, and in an attempt to brighten this post, I reached a total of 50 books in my 50 Book Pledge the other day! I am not at my personal goal for the year, which is 102 books, but I am making decent progress. I can only hope I can keep it up, though I also have multiple projects on the go, including a hobbit hole painting as well as the desire to really dig back into writing a novel.

That’s all for now—I want to get some reading in, hopefully, before I turn in for the night. In the meantime, let’s start a little conversation in the comments. Do you have anything you need to get off your chest? Want to share some good news? Do you just have an interesting story to tell? Grab a cup of tea, or coffee if you prefer, and talk about it! I look forward to chatting with all of you.

Until next time,



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