What’s In My Mug: Earl’s Valentine by DavidsTea

As some of you might be aware, last month I tried out a book box subscription service, Novel Editions, where I would receive a book and a few related items in the box. The March theme was Dark Love, and I received Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough, along with some pencils, a to do list notepad, and a Pride and Prejudice scarf.

I enjoyed the experience so I decided to sign up for a 3 month subscription. Among other things, I really love getting mail and I am just so happy to enjoy receiving books in the mail all the time, particularly when there is a bit of a surprise involved.

So anyways, the theme for April was Sweet Spring. Fitting, right? Aside from the weirdly changeable weather (there was a snow storm where I live), April is the perfect beginning to Spring. So early on in the month, I came home to find this box waiting for me:

Somehow I found the strength not to open it right away, since I had errands I needed to run so I had to jump in my car a few minutes after I arrived home. The anticipation was a lot to withstand, but I made it and maybe, just maybe, it was a little bit sweeter because of the wait.

Once again you will have to wait until this Friday to find out what book I got as well as what I thought of it, but I can tell you it was a historical fiction and fit the Sweet Spring theme. It was definitely a stark contrast to last month’s book, something I appreciate because it is helping expose me to more books. Well, I imagine this service will in the long run, but I have to spend a longer amount of time receiving the books.

So what was in the box to accompany the book? Let’s take a look:

Accompanying the book, I got a small jar of clover honey from LuLuIsland Honey, which I found delicious when I decided to sweeten a mug of Irish Breakfast tea. This is not something I do too often, I prefer to take my tea, Earl Grey, hot. Sorry, Captain Picard invaded there for a second. As I was saying though, I prefer to take my tea without anything in it (no milk, sugar, honey, et cetera), unless it’s a special occurrence. My only major exception would be when I crave a London Fog. In any case, however, this honey was quite delicious in my tea and I will be sad when I run out of it!

The next item in the box was some lavender room and linen spray. I have not used it much yet, but I do enjoy the smell! I did spritz it near my pillow (not quite on it, because I don’t want to irritate the skin on my face), and it was a nice way to fall asleep. I actually know someone who swears by using lavender to fall asleep.

Perhaps the items I am most excited about in this Novel Editions box are the herb sticks to mark where I plant a few herbs. Included are sage, rosemary, and thyme. I only bought thyme seeds to start, but I am really excited about actually growing something right from the beginning.

I think the scarf from last month’s box still takes it as my favourite item so far, but I do believe this box is another hit! If you got the box, I would love to hear your opinions. If you are thinking about getting a subscription, I would love if you used my Twitter (@jess_groom) and/or my name (Jessica Groom) as a referral. And remember, they operate within Canada, so you do not have to deal with customs or US dollars when ordering.

I’ll see you Friday for my review of the box in Sweet Spring!



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