“I gave up on being Nice. I started putting more value on other qualities instead: passion, bravery, intelligence, practicality, humor, patience, fairness, sensitivity.”

I used to say I did not enjoy celebrity books. In fact, I am pretty sure I say something like this every time I write a review on one, just as I tend to say something like the following: I think it is a matter of choosing the right celebrity books. For instance, I do not think I can really enjoy or benefit from the celebrity books about health, fitness, and food, because they have a lot more resources than I do. Many celebrities have to be in good shape for movies, which means they actually have to work out and eat healthy as part of their job. I have read whole books on these topics before, as well as excerpts, and what I have concluded is I do not feel like a normal person can live as they do. By normal In terms of normal, it is not so much the lack of fame, but rather that people who do not need to be in shape or look a certain way for their jobs could maintain the lifestyles celebrities talk about. But I digress.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick. It definitely felt like a casual book, which was particularly nice. It read as if I was having a conversation with a good friend…who happened to do most of the talking. I loved the tone Anna took in the book—it kind of reminded me a little of Carrie Fisher’s writing, which is yet another thing I loved about it.

Something I have been toying with since I finished reading Scrappy Little Nobody is how normal Anna seems. It is weird to be surprised that particular celebrities are normal, but there you go. I think a lot of people forget that celebrities as just people too. They just live their lives in the public eye. With that said, I think if I were an actress or otherwise involved in a high-profile, Hollywood life, I would want to be friends with Anna Kendrick. Sure, I do not agree with some of the things she has done, nor would I do them myself, but at the same time I still think we could be friends. You know, even typing that is bizarre.

While many of the stories in the book are funny ones, some did provide an emotional connection. Check out this one in particular:

“I didn’t have any friends. Well, I didn’t know anyone. Which is the less depressing way to say I didn’t have any friends. I didn’t know how to make friends in LA.”

After graduating and moving for work, I definitely get where Anna was coming from in this moment.

The point of all this is that the book is well written, humourous, and simply a good, fun read. I have been reading some heavy books lately, and a light read like Scrappy Little Nobody was just what I needed. If you are interested in funny, bizarre, and even some weird stories; like any of Anna Kendrick’s movies; or follow Anna on Twitter, I suggest you try reading this.


Title: Scrappy Little Nobody

Author: Anna Kendrick

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


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