What’s In My Mug: Goji Pop by DavidsTea

Since starting Lent this year, I have been thinking about junk food a lot. You know what I have stashed under my bed? Roughly two pounds of Easter jelly beans, two bags of Sherbet Lemons, one dark chocolate bar with raspberries, and a sleeve of Tim Tams. Chances are this stash is going to grow before Easter arrives.

Now, not everything has been completely fantastic since the beginning of Lent—some details of which I do not wish to share at the moment—but what I have noticed is a distinct lack of feeling terrible about the way I look. Specifically, I would have days where I just felt fat and disgusting, particularly after I ate an entire bag of chips.

I think what Lent has taught me so far is I need to make some kind of change in regards to my eating habits. Now, I will not give up sweets and chocolate completely, because let’s face it they are delicious. So what change do I need to make? I have to learn more discipline when it comes to having the treats in my house. Perhaps this means portion cups, in addition to a stricter regimen.

The first component of this, I believe, is to refrain from eating any treats at the office. My office has a habit of having treats there most of the time. Normally I happily indulge, but somehow I think this is causing more problems for me than necessary.

From there, I think I simply have to develop some kind of plan. Perhaps this means buying only a certain amount of treats at the beginning of the month and making them last the entire time or eating them all at once but not buying anything new.

Junk food is not the only thing on my list of changes to my eating habits. No, I think the rest of my diet needs some tweaking. I have been using a spreadsheet on my computer for a little while now to plan my meals. It has been working relatively well, though I do believe I need to adjust it a little more. I was watching a YouTube video a few days ago about someone who preps their meals in advance. I think this is an excellent way to monitor my diet. Meal prepping, in my opinion, would be perfect for my lunches, though perhaps not all of my dinners, since I enjoy variety.

In any case, I am thinking about this in an effort to both be healthier and perhaps avoid the guilt and borderline disgust often stemming from overindulging on junk food.

Thinking about this, as I said, has come from my participation in Lent this year. Of course, abstaining from junk food is not actually my main focus during Lent this year. A close friend (Emma) and I developed an idea of spending these 40 days sharing our inspiration, people we love (or pets), music, art, et cetera. You can read a lot more detail about this as well as Emma’s experience over on her blog, if you would like.

I will admit I have not posted every day on my Instagram (you can find me under walkingtheforestfloor on there should you wish) for the 40 Days so far. I have, of course, been reflecting quite a bit. I alluded to it earlier, though I still am not quite ready with some of the details just yet. I do plan on posting something again soon about the full experience as well as why I decided to do something this year when I kind of fell away from it for a little while. Just have to finish Lent first and get all my thoughts in the right place, since things have been a little rocky in certain aspects.

I think I can say, however, this year has definitely been different.

To what end? We will see.

In the meantime, I would like to know what you are doing for Lent, if you are participating. If you are not, I would still like to know about the things (whether they are books, art, movies, et cetera), people, places, et cetera, you love as well as what inspires you. Leave your comments below! If you would like to join Emma and myself, just post pictures over on Instagram with the hashtags #40DGG and/or #40DaysOfGoodandGratitude. You can also get involved through Twitter, should you so desire. I look forward to hearing from you.


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