Time For Tea Dark Love

What’s In My Mug: Vanilla Matcha by DavidsTea

So I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a subscription box for quite some time now. However, I had a hard time figuring out which one I should get for a number of reasons. First, what did I want to receive every month? I eliminated things like the Nerd Block because as far as I can tell, I could not pick my fandoms. Anyways, after searching I found out I could receive book subscription boxes, and so I was sold. Unfortunately, however, there was one other issue. The vast majority of book subscription boxes were in US dollars or based in the US (or another country). This would mean I would have to deal with currency conversion, customs, et cetera. I just wanted to know what I would be spending and not have to deal with any of the extra hassle.

The good news? I found out about Novel Editions, which is a book box subscription service based in Canada. I was pretty happy to find a service based in Canada and quoted prices in Canadian dollars. Essentially, this meant I would be able to clearly see what this would cost me (something that is often on my mind) and I would not have to deal with hassles like the border. In fact, because I live quite close to Toronto, which is where Novel Editions is based, the shipping actually only took a day!

So let’s get on with the specifics. To start off, I want to show a full picture of what was in my box.

The theme for March, as you can guess by the title of this blog post, is Dark Love. Inside the box was a psychological thriller novel, as well as a few book related items. The related items change based on a particular month’s theme. This month I got a Pride and Prejudice literary scarf (which I happen to be wearing right now) as well some pencils and a To Do list.

Now, going into this there was one concern I had: would I have read the book before? I read so much that it is actually not a great idea to buy me a book without talking to me first, because there could be a good chance I have read what you were planning on picking. That said, I tend to supply lists now to help minimize the risk. The good news about this box is I had never read (or even heard) of the book before. Now, I will not tell you what book it was, but you can tune in on Friday for my regular book review to find out what book it was and what I thought of it.

I have not had the chance to use the pencils or To Do list yet, but I really like the scarf that came with the box. Jane Austen was a great novelist and Pride and Prejudice is certainly one of her most famous works. Everyone recognizes Elizabeth and Darcy, don’t they?

I also like how, when I was deciding if I should purchase a book, I received quick answers to any questions I might have. I am also looking forward to the monthly discussion about the March book. Talking about books is one of my favourite topics, and as far as I know, not many subscription services do this.

I have not pulled the trigger just yet on a three month subscription to Novel Editions (though I plan on doing so in the next week or so), but let me just say the chances of this happening are quite high! If you are a book lover in Canada, I would definitely recommend looking into Novel Editions. Since they operate within Canada, you do not have to deal with currency exchanges or long shipping times. I have also been told that, while not all of the author featured are Canadian, a majority of them are. Finally, they seem to focus on recent releases, which minimizes the chances of you having read the book before. If you are thinking about getting a subscription, I would love if you used my Twitter (@jess_groom) and/or my name (Jessica Groom) as a referral.

Though I am new to this service, feel free to ask me questions or just general chatter about Novel Editions below. And remember to visit on Friday to hear about the book from the March box!


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