Whenever I read a book, I am always partially on the lookout for a character I can connect with, who might inspire me, or who holds some other kind of intrigue. Frankly, whenever I engage with a fictional work I look for a character like that.

When I thought about this idea, I was going to limit it to characters from novels. However, I quickly realized that it would be unfair to the other fictional characters I love that came from movies and television shows. Besides, they started out as part of a script…on paper. So I felt they counted too, which is how I ended up with this list. This list, by the way, is not exhaustive. I could have picked quite a few others, including a number of other characters from Harry Potter, but I also wanted to capture a range here.



How could I not put her on this list? She is such a strong woman in a world dominated by men. I love that she does not fall into what is expected of her in the world of Middle Earth, in that she does not want to sit idly by while the people she cares about die. She wants to protect her home, her people—all of it. I feel like I would be much like her if I were there. I always want to protect the things and people I care about.

While you may say that most of the characters are heroes in The Lord of the Rings, I feel as if Éowyn ranks among the top tier, like Sam Gamgee. I say this because she is instrumental in the destruction of the Witch-King (more on that in another post), and some people in the books do not have a moment like that. Honestly, I could talk about her forever, like what I love about her and Faramir, but I must get on with it.

Neville Longbottom

Why is it always me? Sometimes I think that Neville has some of the worst luck in the world. My heart really feels for him. I mean, Bellatrix tortured his parents to the point that they no longer recognize him. Just thinking about that breaks my heart.

Neville is able to persevere through quite a bit of adversity, which makes him very endearing. I think that his problem in the beginning was a lack of confidence. However, you can tell later on that he grows into himself and by the end he is a crucial part in Lord Voldemort’s demise. Ranked behind Harry, sure, but still up there.

I think another reason why I like Neville is because of his moment in the first book where he stands up to Ron, Hermione, and Harry. Dumbledore was really right here. It does take courage to face your enemy, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends. They are the ones who care, after all.



Gollum is one of those cases that I like his character if I look at him from a writer’s perspective. You have, essentially, two sides to him. One is good (Sméagol) and the other well, not so much (Gollum). Watching the conflict and seeing that kind of characterization is amazing as a writer. Those are the type of “villains” I prefer. If they are pure evil and evoke no sympathy, things just are not as fun, are they?

Harriet Smith

Harriet is the blonde/terrified one.
Harriet is the blonde/terrified one.

Oh Harriet. For those who may not know, Harriet is from Jane Austen’s Emma. I put her on here because she is perhaps the character closest to me in those books. I think the only thing I might have in common with Elizabeth Bennet would be reading and independence, and I do not believe I am all that much like Emma. But Harriet? I am, most often, like the way she was in the middle of the book. For that, she has a spot here.

Anakin Skywalker


I never really thought about Anakin seriously until I read the book adaptations of the Star Wars films. If you really want to read my detailed thoughts, click on this link for the posts related to that. What it boils down to with Anakin though is that he never really stood a chance against the Dark Side. He is another case of a villain being torn. He does have good in him, and wanted to do something good, but the temptation and offer from the Dark Side got to him. I would love to sink my teeth into a character like him in a future novel.

The Doctor


The Doctor is a complicated one on this list, given that he can regenerate and as such, has a bit of a different personality each time. With that said, I have to say the 10th Doctor (David Tennant) for this one. Not all of his incarnations would make it on this list.

Everyone who follows Doctor Who has a Doctor. For many, it is their first Doctor. For me, it was my second. I am not quite sure what it was about Tennant’s Doctor that got me so attached to him. I just know that the Doctor takes seemingly ordinary people and makes them realize how extraordinary they are. Beautiful, in my opinion.

Captain Jack Harkness


Here we are, with the Captain. Dare I say, my favourite Captain? Both Doctor Who and Torchwood have been so ingrained in me, it is kind of like with Harry Potter in that I would not be the same without them. While there are many characters to consider, Captain Jack…well, except from the Doctor because I do not know how you really compare them, but Jack is my favourite. He is one I would want in a crisis. It is funny, but as I think about his character I find that I just cannot find the words to describe my reasoning fully.

Overall, I think he is fascinating and I so wish that he will appear on our television screens again. If I could only pick one character to come back to a show (any show) it would be him. He is not a villain, but I think his character is multi-faceted and flawed in such a way that I would LOVE to write for him. Oh, that would be an amazing writing job, would it not? Aside from writing my own novels, I would definitely want to write Captain Jack Harkness on Torchwood and Doctor Who.


Who would your favourite fictional characters be? I would love to hear about them and why you love them!


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