Hello everyone!

I have something I want to address today regarding a change to my blog. I have just added “sub items” in my blog navigation to help people filter through posts to find the ones gathered under a specific topic. If you hover your cursor over Home at the top of every page when you visit this blog, you will now see a drop down menu. This menu is a list of the categories of blog posts I have.

Announcements is where you will be able to find the posts talking about any new blog projects such as announcing a blog series as well as informational posts like this one!

Archive is where all of my old content will go. At the moment, I am working on archiving any content written before 2014. I am not done doing that just yet. Once I do archive content, it will disappear from the other categories.

Book Discussions is where I am going to host all of my book blog series like The Chronicles of Narnia one I am doing right now, the Star Wars Week posts, et cetera. Here you can filter just to Book Discussions, or go a little further and only look at the Harry Potter discussion posts I did, as an example.

Book Reviews, of course, is where most of my posts will be, since I do a review pretty much every Friday. I am saying pretty much here, by the way, because there are some exceptions to this.

In the past, I have written about television shows and movies I watch. They are now hosted under the category Television and Film. While my blog is mainly focused on books and will remain so, I welcome any suggestions on movies or shows to watch and write about. Bonus points if they are adapted from books!

The next category is Literary Discussion, which is where my book/literature/fiction related posts will go. You will be able to find out what is coming up for this section on the On My Bookshelf page. As of right now, I am trying to post every second Monday for the remainder of 2016.

I have also included Plays as a category, as I have seen a version of Coriolanus and do have an interest in stage productions in general. I may be shifting my review of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child over to this category soon, because it is technically a play.

The broadest category in this list is Writing. Like Book Discussions, I have put in sub-categories. Specifically, I have added Creative Writing (where any fiction, poetry, et cetera I write will go) and Non-Fiction Writing. There is also a lot of content only within Writing. Note, however, that this category is likely to shift a bit over the coming weeks as I revisit the posts and shift accordingly. At the moment, it is my equivalent of the Miscellaneous category you will see just about anywhere.


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