“You do not see as quite as well as you think.”
“You do not see as quite as well as you think.”

Discuss faith. What does it mean to do something on faith? Why do you think Jill so quickly trusts Aslan and agrees to his task? Why does Jill lose faith when she gets cold and hungry?

Faith is believing in something when there is absolutely no proof that it is actually true. It means you cannot count on the outcome, but you do it anyways! I think that Jill has faith in Aslan being good, which is why she trusts him and quickly agrees to his task. I think kids in particular are more apt to act on faith (just like my previous discussions on belief) which is why it happens quickly for Jill.

As for her loss of faith during the book…how else are you going to have a story? It makes things more interesting when you have struggles like that, just as how I question (jokingly) why Gandalf never called in the Eagles to take Frodo to Mount Doom. That would have made the whole journey shorter and simpler, no? However, had that happened and if Jill never lost faith…well, part of the story would go missing! I think the loss of faith is a classic struggle most protagonists will face at least once over the course of a novel. Why not include that here? It often draws sympathy from the reader and provides quite a bit of character development as well.

Well, that is my writer or literary answer to that. If I were to think as Jill…I think it is easy to give up when you are not at your strongest. When you are warm and well fed, you do not tend to question what you are doing. However, I know that I would start to question things or at least not want to do anything if someone took those away and it got bad enough. What about you? Would that happen to you?

Why does Aslan wait so long, according to Narnian time, to send an official rescue party to reclaim the lost prince?

In my opinion, Aslan appears as a “hands off” type of character. I think it sometimes appears as if he is quite involved with the events in Narnia, but I think everyone needs to remember that we are only getting snapshots into Narnian history. After all, hundreds of years past between the Pevensie children’s first and second visits! My theory regarding the rescue party is that Aslan wanted people to handle the situation on their own. I really think it is something simple like that! I know, it would be much simpler if he had gotten involved earlier, but would there have been as much of a story then?

Overall Thoughts

Before this point, I would say that I was growing fonder of the series as a whole. However right now I am unsure about what to think. I know I have to move on with the rest of the books, but I already know that I loved the focus on the Pevensie children and I am definitely going to miss that. I would actually love to know about their lives outside of Narnia. What are they doing now? Do they miss Narnia? I really wish they could go back once as adults… It would be interesting to see how they react to everything then.


Title: The Silver Chair

Author: C.S. Lewis

Publisher: Geoffrey Bles


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