“Luke Skywalker may be the only hope we have left.”
“Luke Skywalker may be the only hope we have left.”

During my experience reading the Star Wars novelizations, I found out that there was a book written about some of the events in the months and days before the beginning of The Force Awakens. I do not want to reveal too much about it, considering I think it would be highly beneficial for you to try reading it yourself, I will say it focuses on the three main heroes in The Force Awakens: Finn, Rey, and Poe Dameron. It is called Star Wars: Before the Awakening, written by Greg Rucka.

I do think that there may be some inconsistencies in this book when comparing it to the movie The Force Awakens. Specifically, I think there are some issues with Finn’s character and his backstory. He worked in sanitation, remember? There seemed to be a difference there, but I am not quite sure if I can call it that just yet. There are, after all, a couple more movies to go before this trilogy is finished. Perhaps we will get some more information about Finn and his origins.

Speaking of origins, I think Rey’s portion of the story was exactly what I thought it would be like. Obviously, they are not going to reveal her family in this—they will only do that in a movie—but I think this background still gives some perspective on her character. She is one of the toughest characters in the whole franchise, in my opinion. Her backstory on Jakku is eerily reminiscent of Anakin and Luke’s stories on Tatooine. Actually, it rings more like Anakin’s in that she is a scavenger and is barely scraping by, just as Anakin had a rough go of it as a slave. The things revealed in her section of the story.. I feel for her, I really do. But it provides even more proof that she will prevail. She is strong.

The highlight of this story, however, is the section on Poe Dameron. His section is the one that provides the most information. You learn more about what drove him to become a part of the Resistance. You learn about his parents and his family history. I love his story and I really hope that he gets more of a spotlight in the next two movies. His honesty, loyalty, dedication… all of it shows in his story. There are two things I think you should read about him. They are mild spoilers, but they are so important. I will try to keep it to a minimum.

“You remind me of my brother.”

“Fly like him too, apparently.”

Another reason I enjoyed his section of the book the most is that I found it gave me more information and more questions about other characters not directly featured in this book. What do they know? How did they come to know it? What are their motivations? Are they lying?

One of the main questions I have about this book is actually why they wrote it in the first place. Why did they feel the need to publish this, when they never really did something of this nature before? I know there are other books in the Star Wars universe, but nothing quite like this one. This is directly providing more information regarding the movies but it is not a novelization of one of the films. Right now, it continues to be a mystery to me. But I am interested to find out the reason.


Title: Star Wars: Before the Awakening

Author: Greg Rucka

Publisher: Disney Lucasfilm Press


2 thoughts on “Something Is Stirring: Before The Awakening

    1. I don’t know what they might be planning just yet, but I don’t know about prequels. If they wanted that, why would they post the stories already? What do you think though? Could you imagine their reasoning?


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