At the beginning of this year, I said that I would commit to posting one review every two weeks with bonus posts every so often. However, after the first two months of the year, I have decided to change this plan. There is not, however, any need to worry. My plan will actually increase the amount of content on this blog.

The first change I am making is that I will be posting a review every Friday. The only way this will change is if there is some kind of life crisis, but I do have a buffer already so I should be fine to keep posting if anything happens. I still plan to keep the possibility of bonus posts throughout the year. Most of these will be surprises, however, I do want to announce one bonus (a series of bonuses) now.

I will be reading all of the Star Wars novelizations, and plan to have a “Star Wars Week” on my blog with reviews of the books, thoughts, etc. Currently, I plan for this to start April 2nd, provided I can finish the books in good time to start writing posts. I do not expect this date to change, however if there are changes I will announce them on my Twitter account, so keep an eye on that.

In the meantime, look out for a new book review later today after I am finished work!


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