Sometimes I have not had a real plan for what I want to do on this blog, or how often I want to post. However, I was thinking about it near the end of 2015, and I have now decided how this new year is going to go down. It kind of sounds like one of those intense planning scenes in a movie, does it not? Regardless, I have this plan and I plan to stick to it.

This year, I am committing to one post every second Friday. This Friday, January 8th, is the next post in Austen Adventures. Then it is every two weeks after that. I am first going to finish off Austen Adventures. After this week, there are two more posts and then I will move on with other projects. Every post on Friday will be something related to a book.

In many cases these will be book reviews, as I am attempting to read 50 books this year as a part of The Savvy Reader’s 50 Book Pledge, but I will also have question-based posts. Whether or not I am doing those alone or with someone else will vary.

I am only committing to every second week as I do have a busy life at times, particularly right now as I am juggling a full-time job and part-time graduate school courses. However, I enjoy writing my blog posts and wish to continue.

This does not mean that I will only post every second week. When I have the time and more ideas, I do want to write posts about some other topics. For instance, I am currently thinking about one or two posts regarding Star Wars: The Force Awakens as the movie and press surrounding it have been dominating most of my idle thoughts since watching the film. To find out about when I will post these extra posts, I would encourage you to check out my Twitter account @jess_groom. Actually, I always tweet when I publish a new post, and if there happens to be a delay with something, you would find out about it there.

So that’s it! Every two weeks on Friday, with the next post on January 8th, and some extra posts now and again. I hope that you continue reading and leave comments. If you have any recommendations regarding books you think I should read, leave them in the comments. I am always looking for more books to read!


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