Look at those legs. (hint: it's me)
Look at those legs. (hint: it’s me)

Today I tried something new. Well, not really. The actual activities I have done before, but I looked at this day under a new kind of light.

I guess that it is something that has been brewing for quite some time, though I did not really realize it until recently. I should probably explain.

A close friend of mine, who I have been confiding in, has told me the same thing a few times now. I want to keep the context and whatnot private, but the gist of it is that things will happen when I am not looking for them. It did for them at least.

I will admit that I am still working with that. Sometimes I do not believe it, but more and more lately, I find that I do. So here I am.

I took myself out today. Sure, I did some stuff that I needed to do (like buying conditioner), but mostly it was focused around leisure. I browsed through a bookstore. I went to a teashop and bought some new tea. I laughed. I smiled. I had fun.

I read a few blogs about women who tried what they called dating themselves.

I like that idea. I like it for what I was doing today.

I went for ice cream (yum Blizzard).

I was all smiles after my trip to the teashop and DQ. Yum, Blizzard.
I was all smiles after my trip to the teashop and DQ. Yum, Blizzard.

I bought myself an orchid (specifically, a phalaenopsis). I have told people this before, but I have actually never had a guy buy me flowers. So I’m taking it into my own hands. I’m doing things right (ha).


Today was day one. I am not waiting. I will live, the way I am.

Really, this is simply spending time with myself and having fun. Doing whatever I want to. Making sure that I am happy. I just think that calling it dating myself is funny. I know myself. As one blogger put it: Myself and I had tons in common, not to mention I think I am very pretty and have a pretty bodacious rack.  Myself and I like all the same kinds of food (hate Indian), music (secretly love Matchbox 20) and movies (horror, and anything Tyler Perry).  It was time I took me out for a good time.”

Sometimes I forget that I am amazing. It is time that I took the time out to remind myself of that.

Ended the day with a drink and delicious pizza. Tried two new things!
Ended the day with a drink and delicious pizza. Tried two new things!

I do plan to go out for dinner somewhere nice at some point. But aside from that, does anyone have any suggestions about what I should do on this little adventure? Leave them in the comments if you do!


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