You know those ones who are left on the outside? Trailing behind, trying to catch up to the rest of the crowd? They call them ugly ducklings. The ones who don’t belong. The misfits. The loners. The ones who just don’t seem to matter as much.

Those little ducklings are fighters. At the end of the day, their breathing becomes laboured and tears threaten to fall.

Ugly duckling.

They don’t want you around.

Ugly duckling.

No one would notice if you weren’t there right now.

Ugly duckling. Ugly duckling. Ugly duckling.

They might fall behind, but they fight with everything they have to keep up. They do it their way. They carve it out, as different as it may be. They’re connected with those other little ducklings on the outside who are just like them.

Ugly duckling. Brave little duckling.

Keep on paddling.

Brave little duckling.

Remember to take a breath.

Brave little duckling.

Look in the mirror.

There’s one person who has never left your side. They’ve paddled alongside you every step of the way. The water might be rough, sometimes. It might be hard, sometimes.

But you’re a brave little duckling.


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