“Many places I have been, many sorrows I have seen. But I don’t regret, nor will I forget, all who took that road with me” -The Last Goodbye, Billy Boyd

JRR Tolkien’s writing is absolutely phenomenal. It’s descriptive, detailing the wonderful world of Middle Earth, gives characters unique back-stories, bringing everything about them, including their flaws, to life. It’s poetic, with countless lyrics. Even the normal writing has a beautiful fluidity to it. But I digress.

Today marks what I believe will be the last foray the film industry will make into Middle Earth, with The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies. I’m not sure that I could be any more excited than I am right now. Well, apart from when I am sitting in the theatre and the film is about to start. My excitement now is multiplied by the fact that I am currently in the middle of a mini movie marathon (the previous two Hobbit films, for those curious minds).

Keeping it specific to The Hobbit, I’d like to share one of the moments that exhibits Tolkien’s writing prowess (and, frankly, one of my very favourite moments in Middle Earth).

“Far over the Misty Mountains cold

To dungeons deep and caverns old

We must away ere break of day

To claim our long-forgotten gold”

That is a sliver of the song sung by Thorin and company at Bag-End, near the beginning of The Hobbit. It is also Bilbo’s trigger, so to speak. It is the catalyst that has him decide to join the adventure to take back Erebor.

It gives me shivers every single time.

I’m slowly working my way through all of his books. It’s a tall order, considering the fact that there are many, and the others that I need to read, but its something that I am happy to do. Tolkien was a treasure to the literary world.

One that we’re unlikely to match.




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