I’ve been in love with reading ever since I became old enough to read Harry Potter on my own (which, I don’t know if I have mentioned, but I was 5 when I could read it by myself). I also distinctly remember I was quite young when I read Lord of the Rings for the first time—I know because I used a wood burning set to engrave the date I finished into a slab of wood, although I do not believe I still have this so I’m not sure when it was anymore.

Loving to read has been a great thing, and I know that I have learned quite a few things that I would not otherwise know because of this. Unfortunately, there is one glaring problem that I have come across. I think that I have kind of known about this for awhile now, but I think that it has finally reached its peak.

There are so many books to read—I do not have enough time to read them all, I swear, unless I was to just park myself on my bed and read all day, every single day.

But, as I was saying, this problem reached its peak today. Awhile back on this blog I mentioned that I wanted to work my way through all 12 volumes of The History of Middle Earth, and amidst my other reading and writing my own novel, I have managed to make it to my current position at about halfway through volume 4. I have also been working on reading every single one of Shakespeare’s plays—if you want to see my progress on that, I have a separate page on this blog and have crossed off the ones I have read.

The clincher?

Today, I was reminded about something called The BBC’s Big Read. It was a list of Britain’s most popular books, done in 2003. They have the Top 21 and the top 100…as well as the top 200. My bookaholic brain, when I remembered about this, decided that it would like to read each and every single one of them. I have already read quite a few, but nowhere near all 200.

The thing is, I am working full-time at the moment, and in a couple of weeks I am returning to university for my final year. I have 2 majors, and one of them is English. Any English major can tell you that you will do a lot of assigned reading for each class. Even beyond the reading I have other things that I am involved with so reading through this entire list is a massive challenge.

But, you know, there is also another list of books that I am making that I have an interest in reading.

Like I said, it’s the worst thing about loving reading. Well, when you think about it, it is the only downside. It really is.

Either way, I am up for a challenge.



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