Hello Everyone!

I’ve decided to alter my plans for posting about S. here–but only slightly. I am still reading it the way I said that I would, but I’ve decided that I am only going to post once when I have finished all of the margin notes. The reason is that reading S. is taking longer than I thought (I will explain why this is the case in my post with the margin notes), and I really want to start on some other things that have sparked my interest, which actually brings me to my news.

I want to be posting more about books, and if anyone is interested about the progress I make on writing my novel (nothing about what it is about, just the progress of writing), so I will be working on that. You can head over to my Bookshelf page to see what I have on the list for the summer (at the moment, I have another series I want to add in), and let me know if you have any recommendations for me. Keep in mind, I do read a lot, so I may have read the book already but I will still review it and let you know my thoughts. However, the ones I have not read will take precedence and, of course, my novel is the highest priority I have.

Anyways, I just wanted to let everyone know what was going on. I hope to have S. finished soon and then my thoughts posted shortly after, but I can’t say a specific date just yet.

Best Wishes,



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