The “library” book Ship of Theseus is essentially about an amnesiac who finds himself on a ship with the crew that sews their mouths shut with back thread (this provides some weird/disturbing images) and is then off on a mysterious adventure. I noticed that throughout the story water becomes very important both literally and metaphorically (not just because this man is on a ship), so I would pay attention to those mentions. I imagine that when I dig into the margin notes the importance will become clearer to me as I saw a couple instances being underlined—not 100% sure what these will reveal yet, but clearly something is up.

The story is definitely written in an older style—I recognized this from old/classic books that I have read for both personal and academic purposes. This style may not be for everyone, as at times it did become a bit tedious for me to work through without being distracted by the margin notes, and some points of the story didn’t seem as interesting as they could have been.

There were some great moments in the story itself that unfortunately I cannot describe without giving away some major spoilers, but once you have read the story (even without margin notes) I would be more than willing to go through what I have left out with you.

Unfortunately, the story overall didn’t pull me in as much as other books that I have read in the past, but I feel like the presentation and the margin notes that I have yet to read will make up for this. There are numerous inserts in the book that I am really looking forward to reading, and I will admit that I did occasionally read a margin note or too (in my defense there are a lot—I did avoid reading about (8% of the notes though, I think), and my interest is piqued.

In conclusion though, I think that Ship of Theseus itself is written well for its purpose as a 1949 novel (the style of cover and writing both work), and I do believe that I will be able to draw some great conclusions once I have made my way through the margin notes.

I will leave you with this:

“Get rest, so the world can start to make sense again. Survive the night. Then, maybe, find paper and pen. Write down what you know, and what you suspect about yourself—even if that won’t yet fill a single page. And then, maybe then, start piecing together who you are.” –  Ship of Theseus, V.M. Straka

Best Wishes,



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