I’m a little over halfway through my first round of reading S. (a reminder: I am reading the “library” book Ship of Theseus without the margin notes)—and oh my word, is it ever good. I won’t be revealing any major plot spoilers, but I will be talking about certain elements from the book in another context.

First off, there are a number of very intriguing thoughts and concepts in the story itself. Many of these lend themselves to be deep “quotable” phrases, although taking them out of context, in some cases, can reduce their effectiveness. I would like to try to investigate one quote (without spoilers) that won’t be comprised by taking it out of context. Basically, I’m going to take a short idea found in the text of Ship of Theseus and apply my thoughts (kind of like how I imagine the two individuals in the margin notes are engaging with certain passages in the book).

“We create stories to help us shape a chaotic world, to navigate inequities of power, to accept our lack of control over nature, over others, over ourselves.”

As you can clearly see, I love to write and actually I am currently working on my own novel. Incidentally, this novel is my main project over the summer. But, back on track here. From my experience, writing is for sure a way to make sense of this world, whether it is through fictional worlds or non-fictional pieces. With non-fiction, including academic pieces, organizing thoughts is the essential act. Like the phrase from Ship of Theseus indicates, we have a lack of control over a number of things. But writing our stories and creating the worlds within them happen to be things that we do have control over.

I could probably go deeper and more specific here, both with this quote and others, but I don’t want to draw on more of what I have learned from the book (just yet anyways) lest I spoil anything for you.

Note: I’ll be adding in more thoughts once I finish my first round. I just decided to break it up this time around as things have kind of slowed down for a bit and I didn’t want to leave people hanging for too long.

Best Wishes,



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