I am going to try something new this summer, starting from when I finish my exams. I ordered a book off of Amazon through a recommendation, and I thought that I would blog about my progress reading the book.

The book in question is S by Doug Dorst and JJ Abrams. I only know a little about the book, but I’ll do my best in explaining it. Basically, it is an old library book (Ship of Theseus) that has a great “mystery” surrounding it and two college students are researching the book and they write notes in the margins that become a conversation with one another. From what I know it starts out as unravelling mysteries in the book, but they begin to form a kind of bond.

It’s not much, I know, but I was intrigued enough to purchase a copy of my own. I have been reading things online about different strategies in reading the book, and I think I have come up with the one that I will be following.

First, I plan to read the actual story Ship of Theseus in its entirety. After this I will start with the first set of margin notes and read them all the way through, while stopping to read the highlighted passages over again and any of the extra items inserted into the pages. I will go back again for the next set of margin notes, and repeat the process until I have read absolutely everything.

Now, this might change, but I am thinking that I will write some notes of my own (in a separate book) while I am reading in each stage, and then once I complete each stage I can post my thoughts here. Sound good? It’ll be an adventure, that’s for sure, but I think that it will be lots of fun. If you want, feel free to read along with me and we can start a conversation of our own!





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