2014, for me, is clearly going to be a year full of changes and other adult like things. It’s only been 11 days, but I’ve noticed this already. I didn’t realize this until earlier this week, but when I did so many different things kind of clicked into place.

When my parents were driving me to the bus terminal so I could get a ride back to university, I was told about the H1N1 flu making a big appearance in British Columbia. This flu, as I am sure that most of you are aware, does target people in my age range and is quite serious compared to the other strains. My parents recommended that I go and get the flu shot this year, something that I know they would not ask unless it was really a good idea. I got the flu shot once when I was much younger, and everything was okay, but I’m pretty sure I got the flu that year. Whether that was actually the case, I know that it was that year that I developed an extreme fear of needles. During elementary school when they had all of the necessary shots, I would be liable to pass out. Even after waiting and making my way back to class, I would have to collapse and sit in the hallway because I could not see and I felt faint. I’ve had to have blood taken from me (which is the worst), and in 2013 I had to have 3 shots for an extremely beneficial vaccine. However, for the last 2 doses, I had no reaction (although I was still lying down). Thus, I did work up the courage to go and get my flu shot this past Tuesday. When I went, I did get it sitting down (like a normal person), and though I felt quite shaky afterwards I did not have any reaction to it at all. Thus, I realized that this year was a year of changes.

Clearly, I am slowly getting over my fear of needles. Will I ever like them? No, but then again I don’t think that anyone actually does. That being said, I have made a deal with myself that if I do not get the flu this year (flu season), then I will be getting the flu shot again. I realize that it is a good idea, and since I seem to be getting better at handling shots, I might as well take advantage of it.

Seriously, this seems to have opened my eyes and I’ve realized that I am changing and…well, growing up I suppose. I mean, despite the fact that I mucked up the laundry the other day, I am a fully-fledge adult. Another thing, though small, is that I hated those clementines (which a friend of mine calls tiny oranges and I now I keep doing that), but I have a 5 pound box of them in my fridge and I’ve already eaten about 5 of them last night and another 5 this morning.

It’s really bizarre, all of this. Right now I am sitting on a couple of very major decisions involving my upcoming final year of university and the possibility of graduate school. I’m not really ready to reveal details yet about my final year, mostly because they hinge on something coming up in February/March, but they are pretty big.

Not only that, but I have decided for sure that I am going to travel somewhere in May 2015 before I walk on my graduation day. I have it narrowed down to two possible trips: a tour of Europe (England, Malta, Italy, Greece, Spain, etc), or to Australia and New Zealand. At this point, I’m leaning about 80% towards Australia/New Zealand. Really, only something serious could stop me from taking the trip at this point. I have money, and I have a month between finishing exams and graduation. I don’t imagine that I will have a job or anything for that month, so I might as well take a trip while I can.

As for grad school, I have picked out where I want to go and am basically just waiting for the applications to open for my desired term

Moving on though…

I am really excited about a number of things that are set to happen/change for me in 2014—regardless of the fact that it’s going to be very weird for me. Furthermore, I am confident in myself that 2014 will be the year that I finally finish my novel. Will it be published this year? Probably not, but I will definitely finish it.

Finally, there was one other thing in addition to the flu shot that kind of triggered all of this. I was watching a YouTube video the other day of Joss Whedon giving a speech at a conference event. It has nothing to do with all of these changes for me, but right at the end he said something that I just love.

“I don’t think I can change the world; I just want to punch it up a little.”

Best Wishes,



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