Oh what do I say about this. I read the book, and I only just found out that it was a movie as well and *cue fangirl giggle*, it was just what I needed right now.

I’m not as into Jane Austen as the girl in the book/film is in that I don’t have my room decorated like that, but I love Pride and Prejudice so much and I would love to have my own Mr. Darcy.

You won’t like this film if you want something serious, but if you are looking for a light-hearted and extremely cheesy film you might want to give this one a go. Essentially, it is about an Austen fanatic who takes a trip to a place called Austenland, an immersive Jane Austen experience. (Side note: why does this not actually exist?) There are no modern technologies allowed, with Regency clothes, and there is a host of hired actors. Each woman on the trip is guaranteed a romance. For Jane however, the experience does not go the way she had planned whatsoever.

While watching this film I found myself giggling like a fangirl, and aww-ing at all of the cheesiness and romance. The acting was decent in the movie, and they pulled off being terrible actors when the characters were putting on a play over halfway through the film.

Jane expressed a sentiment in the film that I think fit perfectly with the concept (and seriously, I agree as well with this):  “I am single because apparently the only good men are fictional.”

Cheesy: Yes. Over-the-top: Yes. But Austenland is a good film for what it is supposed to be, and I hope that if you like this sort of thing you will give it a chance.

Best Wishes,



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