Not. Dead.

Well ladies and gentlemen, after a long wait (2 years!) we finally get to see more of the BBC series Sherlock. The first episode of series 3, which I watched late last night, encapsulated the resolution to The Reichenbach Fall and Sherlock’s return to 221B Baker Street.

I don’t really know exactly what I was expecting when I started watching, but it was certainly not what I received. Out of the gate, I have to say that Sherlock’s return and everyone’s reactions to the news was perfectly executed. When I say perfectly, I absolutely mean it. I think that John’s reaction was spot on, and the method that Sherlock chose to reveal himself was so entertaining that I could not contain myself.

I can’t say too much about the episode without giving away major spoilers, but I will say that of course Sherlock ends up working on a case once he has fully returned. The case itself is quite interesting, as always, and provides for some great television. There are two moments where I nearly exploded–can’t say why, but it was… Actually, there aren’t any words. I didn’t explode for the reasons that you would expect in the first scenario, but for the second—oh yes.

 There is also an amazing scene between Sherlock and his brother Mycroft that had me both amazed and in stitches.

Finally, I have to address the solution to how exactly Sherlock faked his death in The Reichenbach Fall. I won’t give away the explanation, you’ll have to watch the episode to get the story, but I will say that it is superb. Just absolutely superb. I did write about my own theory about how he pulled it off, or rather some specific elements that had to be part of it, though I cannot tell you if I was right or not without completely spoiling it. I do have my theory posted on this blog (see Archives and Analyzing the Reichenbach Fall) if you want to check it out.

Overall I think that The Empty Hearse was a well-written episode and fitting for the return of Sherlock Holmes. I am thoroughly excited to see what the rest of the season has in store for me—it’s going to be a fun ride, I know that much.

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