So there are only a couple days left until I am heading home for the holidays, and given some recent events I thought that I would write a “reflection” of sorts about the last term.

This term itself has been quite a tough one, probably only rivaling my first term at university being that it was the first one away from home. For some context, I live quite a distance away from my university, by car it would take about 4 to 5 hours for me to get home (one way). However, on Thanksgiving weekend, that trip has actually taken up to 7 hours because of the traffic. If I am to take a bus the whole way, it can take up to 11 hours.

I have been incredibly lucky for the most part, but this term I was unfortunately not able to go home due to transportation issues—which I completely understand and blame no one for. Except the physical distance itself, of course.

I am, to say the least, extremely close with my family which is probably why this has come about. I tend to call home multiple times per week, and often every single day for a decent stretch of time.

My first term away was absolutely bizarre and tough for me, and looking back there are quite a few things that I would change about it if I could go back in time. The good thing about that term though, was that I did go home in October for Thanksgiving, and then I saw my mom and my brother on my birthday in November and was surprised with balloons and cake.

The reason that this term that’s ending now has been hard is that I haven’t actually seen anyone from my family in person since very early in September (and I had been away for most of the summer as well, and was only home for a week). But for the past couple days, in what my mom has determined is the anticipation of coming home, I have smelt roast chicken and the burning of a wood fireplace (which has a distinctive smell in comparison to burning food or cigarette smoke, in my opinion). The thing is, my roommates have either not been here for the most part, or they have already gone home. No one has been cooking roast chicken, and we do not have a fireplace here. But these two things are so familiar to me when I am home: we always have a fire going in the fireplace at home, and roast chicken is usually on the menu around Christmas and Thanksgiving (and other times during the year when I was in high school and earlier).

Clearly this shows how much I want to be at home—I’ve been watching Facebook and seeing quite a few people who are already home, or at least with family, and I am so jealous.

In a couple days I get to be home and see my family, including my lovely puppy who is just so wonderful and cuddly and lovable and always happy to see me no matter what. I get to play board games like Dominion and Settlers of Catan. I get to bake cookies and watch films, play in the snow, and even just go for a calming walk.

Time cannot go fast enough.

Dreaming of roast chicken and wood fires,



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