For quite some time I’ve been itching to travel to so many places, and recently that desire has basically tripled.  It’s partly because I just moved to a new place a couple weeks ago, and sometimes the area I’m living in feels like Europe , but also it’s because I just want to see things. I love reading to experience new places, but that’s all in my head. I want my eyes to see the crumbling castles and the sweeping fields…

Unfortunately I am working full time for the next few months and then I return to school and then work again…so I don’t have the time to go anywhere. I decided to make a list of some of the places that I want to go to the most (because, let’s be honest, I would love to go to so many more places). I don’t have the money to go to all of the places on my list at the moment either, but if I did have the time I could probably go to a few of them.

But anyways, here’s the list:

Mdina, Malta


There are a couple of other places in Malta on my list, which you’ll soon see. The reason I want to visit Mdina though is because it’s a medieval town and is known as the “Silent City”. You have to walk every inside the walls because only emergency vehicles, wedding cars, hearses, etc are allowed to drive. I’ve seen pictures, like the one above, and I think that it looks absolutely gorgeous.  It’s also home to an amazing cathedral (St Paul’s) and I just love the look of the building.

Fun Fact about Mdina: In season one of Game Of Thrones, Mdina acted as King’s Landing

Doctor Who Experience, Cardiff, Wales

Doctor Who Experience

This is the first of the nerdy items on my list (yes, there’s more). It’s no secret to those who know me that I really love Doctor Who, so when I heard about this place I knew that I had to make a trip there at some point.  So clearly, my reason for going is because I love Doctor Who and I think seeing all these props and costumes and everything else that they say is inside would be absolutely amazing.

Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona is gorgeous in pictures: the scenery, the architecture…everything. But I also love the language ( I can actually speak a little bit of it) and the food (I am aware though that what I’ve tasted is probably a bit different than how it’s made in Spain). I chose Barcelona in particular because of the festivals and markets that I’ve heard about from this city.

Blue Lagoon, Malta (on Comino, one of the three islands that make up the Maltese archipelago)

Blue Lagoon

I love swimming so much, and the waters here seem to be absolutely amazing. It is a popular tourist destination, and apparently has featured in a number of different films.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


To put it simply, I’ve been to the East Coast of Canada and now I need to finish it off and visit the West Coast. I’ve heard so many good things about BC, and specifically about Vancouver as well, so it made my list.

Hobbiton, New Zealand


Okay so technically it’s not “Hobbiton”, it’s actually a private farmland near to Matamata, but nevertheless it is where the film set for Hobbiton is. It’s actually permanent now and you can take a tour of the place, including inside the hobbit holes, and that to me sounds great. I think the general idea of hobbit holes is pretty interesting, not to mention the fact that I love Lord of the Rings (and the Hobbit of course).

Sydney Opera House, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Sydney Opera House

Yes, I know. Typical tourist thing. But the building just look great. Furthermore, I am a huge fan of the arts and I get the feeling that watching something in here would look and sound unreal.

Remarkable Rocks, Kangaroo Island, Australia

Remarkable Rocks

Because the rocks. Do I need another reason?

Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Orlando, Florida, USA

Wizarding World

Yep. Self explanatory, yes? It has to be one of the best places for a Potterhead.

Harry Potter Studio Tour, London, England


For the same reasons as the above, my dear reader. But also for the same as the Doctor Who Experience: this place has all sorts of props and costumes from the movie series and I would just LOVE to see them. Harry Potter was a massive part of my childhood, and I am still sad sometimes that it’s over.

Stonehenge, England


I have this vision of standing on the middle rock, raising my arms up to the sky and reciting the speech from The Pandorica Opens, an episode of Doctor Who. I do understand that tourists aren’t allowed among the rocks anymore, but either way I just want to look at them. This sort of thing amazes me, and to actually see them in person would be something else entirely. It just seems like there’s something magical about this place. And maybe I’ll say the speech from a distance. Who knows?

Valletta, Malta


It looks like a gorgeous city. Also, another reason that I have this city on my list as well as the other to places in Malta is that part of my family is from Malta (I am, I believe, one quarter Maltese) and I really want to experience that culture. That’s actually why I decided to learn how to make pastizzi, which are traditional Maltese pastries. I’ve got a lot to learn about pastizzi and the culture in general, but I think that a trip to Valletta would help me quite a bit.

Trafalgar Square, London, England

Trafalgar Square

I basically want to go to London in general, but Trafalgar Square is one of the specific locations in London that I really want to see.  I’m not entirely sure why, but I just really want to see it.

Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Castle

I love castles to begin with, and Edinburgh castle looks like it is a great one. Also, it happens to be really close to the next place on my list.

The Elephant House, Edinburgh, Scotland

The Elephant House

It’s the birthplace of Harry Potter (technically, it’s where she wrote most of the first novels). I’ve also heard that if you arrive before 3pm and you’re the first one there in the back room, they’ll place a film of your choice. Overall, it sounds like it is a great little café and I would love to sit there for an afternoon. You can also apparently see Edinburgh castle from a window in the room where JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter.

There are so many more places that I would like to see, like Olympia, Athens (Greece), as well as the Pyramids of Egypt, and a number of places in Australia and Africa… But I am extremely tired and I need to go to sleep. Basically, I want to experience different cultures and see gorgeous pieces of architecture and history. Also, if you noticed that a number of the places on my list have something to do with movies… it’s partly because I am actually living quite close to a filming location now and to be frank it’s a fantastic feeling to know that I’m walking on the same sidewalk that someone I watched on screen did. I also really love movies and television, sooo… that’s why they made it on the list.

Best Wishes,



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