Once Upon a Time: The finale wasn’t as heart wrenching as I was expecting it to be; the episode before it was much more impactful for me. Actually, this seems to be a trend: the second last episode of the first season really punched me in the gut. But, that being said, this was an amazing finale. It really is a great show and will probably be what I re-watch over the summer when nothing new is happening.

Survivor: The only reality show I watch, and I’ve been watching since 2000 (the very beginning). Despite the fact that the end was very predictable for me (although it did turn out the way I wanted it… yay for John Cochran), there were some great moments throughout the finale, including the final tribal council. I did learn something though, right at the top of the episode. When Erik was pulled from the game for dizziness and low blood pressure, I realized that even if Canadians were eventually allowed to play… I would never be on the show. Those symptoms that Erik had are normal for me. My blood pressure is consistently very close to Erik’s blood pressure when he was lying down. The dizziness that he experienced, while it isn’t something that occurs daily for me, it is still something that I do live with on a regular basis. But anyways, even though this season was good… I’m not sure if I am going to be watching anymore, or at least for much longer.

Revenge: Many things confused me about this episode. Was the big betrayal the death of Takeda? Or that Takeda was manipulating her? Or that it looks like Aiden turned on Nolan? I don’t really know, and I don’t understand. I’m also not sure who the character previously untouched by revenge is supposed to be, in response to the major character death. Jack was already on that path… Charlotte had kind of been there to, though not to the extent of the Emily/Amanda and Jack… I’ll be watching again in the fall, but I feel like I may drop this one.

How I Met Your Mother: The mother. That’s it. That’s all I have to say. Looking forward to the final season.

New Girl: I’m really not sure why I kept watching this season. Do I like the show? Yes. I feel like I can relate to Jess as well… but something is missing for me.

The Mindy Project: I actually got really angry during this episode. I understand that she got nervous and was freaking out, but I still felt like Casey pushed her into the hair cutting thing and to Haiti.

Big Bang Theory:  So much love for this show. There were many great moments in this finale, with various characters. I will definitely keep watching this show; I don’t think it can get too old for me. The moment that is really sticking out in my mind though is when Raj just broke down in front of Penny and mentioned how he was unlovable. My heart broke for him. But oh my… I so knew that he wouldn’t shut up if he was ever able to talk to girls without alcohol.

Elementary: I definitely like Sherlock (BBC version) much more than this, but they have done some interesting things with this adaptation of the novels, particularly with the treatment of Moriarty and Irene Adler. I’ll be watching the second season, so I do hope that they at least keep up what they’ve got going. It is on a precarious ledge with the stories; interesting treatment but I’m not entirely sure how some of the cases connect to Doyle’s stories.

Nikita: Holy crap. This finale was the only one this week to absolutely destroy me in more ways than one. I’m still reeling over everything that happened… but I think that once I process everything properly and have had time to really think through everything, I want to write up a full review of this finale.

Doctor Who: I am very nervous about this show. I do really enjoy watching it, and for the most part I loved this episode, but there are certain things that don’t site quite well with me. River Song for example… I didn’t like her storyline, and her appearance tonight was…a bit off for me. Then there was the cliff-hanger with John Hurt. This could be extremely interesting and amazing, but it could also be terrible and ruin the show. I’m holding off my judgement because I love this show.. but I think it’ll be okay.

Best Wishes,



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