“I write to give myself strength. I write to be the characters that I am not. I write to explore all the things I’m afraid of. ” –Joss Whedon


You know how you can’t remember a whole lot from when you were really young? I’m the exact same way, obviously, as most people are. I do have a couple significant and vivid memories from when I was little though. One of which involves driving around looking at Christmas lights and seeing Santa Clause coming from someone’s house (which of course has nothing to do with writing). The other one however, I think has everything to do with it.

When I was four years old, my brother and I were down at the lake with a dog from our neighbourhood that would often come around to visit us. My brother had a long stick in his hand, and though I know that I am exaggerating a little bit, it was kind of like a small maple tree. All I really know is that it was much taller/bigger than I was at the time. Anyways, he was holding the stick and then tossed it aside into the bush. Though it wasn’t meant to be considered a game of fetch, the dog ran to it and picked it up anyways.  The dog turned around too fast for my four year old reflexes and I ended up getting smack directly in the mouth with that stick, causing one of my teeth to fall out, a fat lip, and quite a bit of blood. Since I was four, I immediately starting bawling. My brother got me back up to the house, and then my mother took over. She stopped the blood, and as I did not deal with blood or pain that well (I still don’t) she tucked me into bed so I wouldn’t pass out.

A little while later my brother walked into the room with a book in his hands: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (the copy he had is currently on my bookshelf as I type this). He started reading some of it to me, and I liked it so much that I worked really hard on my reading so that I would be able to read it on my own. One year later, I succeeded.

Harry Potter instilled two things in me: my love of reading, which I believe started when my brother started reading the book to me, and my love of writing, which followed sometime soon after I read it on my own. My most famous piece of writing when I was small (the guess is 7 years old) was a poem:

Jessica’s Self Portrait

My hair is like satin, waving in the wind.

My legs are like noodles going up and down.

My mouth is like diamonds twinkling every day.

My ears are like silk that doesn’t move.

I live in my room and I eat tacos.

To this day, it is still talked about between my family and I; we all find it quite funny. It got even funnier when I moved away for university, because I often end up eating in my room and one particular weekend I didn’t leave my apartment in residence and I made tacos (the amount of which ended up lasting nearly the whole time). So for that period of time I literally did live in my room and eat tacos there. One more thing: I have no idea what the ears line means. But this poem is absolutely hilarious and I love 7 year old me.

My writing now has improved greatly, along with the amount, length, and creativity of what I write. I’ve attempted to write about 3 or 4 novels in the past, and have completed some of them (though I haven’t showed them to anyone). I have written a long fan fiction story about one of my favourite television shows: Nikita.

Right now I am working on what I hope will be a novel that will actually be published when I finish it. I am extremely passionate and excited about this one, more so than I have ever been about anything that I have written. I am drawing on everything that I love and that inspires me for this project: shows like Doctor Who and Torchwood, books (particularly science fiction novels), personal experiences, extreme emotions, my friends and family, movies…everything.

Creating stories and new worlds to me is absolutely amazing. The easiest way to say this is that writing is my passion. I love using my imagination and letting characters speak through me. Writing has, at times, acted as an escape for me whenever I’ve had to deal with tough situations. When I write, I become immersed in my own world.

Think about the thing that you love to do the most in the world; that you truly love more than anything else. That, to me, is writing.

Best Wishes,



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