While I go through phases where I will listen to a particular song over and over for a few days, for example Lucky Strike by Maroon Five, I do have one favourite artist and one favourite song that don’t change throughout these phases.

My favourite artist is an Australian singer-songwriter named Kate Miller-Heidke. The easiest way to describe her style would be alternative pop. My favourite song by her also happens to be my absolute favourite song: Words.

Words…is amazing, to say the least. The instrumentals in the song are actually typical instruments, but they are arranged in such as way that it sounds eclectic and unique. In the way of vocals, Kate demonstrates her prowess and hints of her classical training. The majority of the song is sung in a slightly higher register, with a smooth quality to her voice, but there are points in the song that possess a rougher, throaty undertone.

The lyrics and their associated meanings were the strongest elements that made me truly love this song.

“Do you think my personality is written in stone?
Are you positively certain that you know what you’ve been shown
I’m a snapshot of the person that you think I ought to be
Now give it up! Give it up! Give it up!”

This song, and in particular this section of the lyrics, seems to me like it is talking about how people are often misperceived and quickly judged. This is something that I can really identify with in that I know that I am an extremely shy individual and that many of the things I do can seem weird to many people. This has resulted in me being misjudged by people, and most likely I have not made some friends because of these things. The thing is, when people get to know me, they will gain more of an understanding. Not only that, but I do become less shy/awkward after I get to know someone well.

Now, this doesn’t mean that those closest to me don’t misperceive certain things or make judgements. No one is perfect and many times even one’s closest friends end up getting things wrong.

I think that this song captures this concept perfectly, and the inflections in Kate’s voice are perfectly placed in the right place with the right words.

If you combine all of these elements you have a glaringly unique song that has much more to offer than what is on the surface. Incidentally, this is a common feature to quite a few of Kate’s other songs.

The Music Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoCNFFBaOek

Best Wishes,



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