According to a study conducted by the massive online corporation known as Amazon, Waterloo is Ontario’s most romantic city and ranks third overall in Canada.

This study was conducted by looking at the sales data of romance novels, romantic comedy films, relationship book, as well as “romantic” CDs such as albums by Michael Buble, for each location in Canada. The results were based on which cities had the highest number of sales.

I have a couple of issues with this study, particularly the way in which it was conducted and how that affected the results. In my opinion, purchasing these items does not in any way indicate the “romantic-ness” of a particular location. Rather, I have found that these items are often purchased by single individuals looking to distance themselves from their own lives and enter into an “idealized” romance.  For relationship books in particular, I find that they are either purchased by singles looking for ways to get a relationship, or those who are having some problems in their own relationship.

My suggested way of conducting a study to determine which cities are the most romantic, is to research each place and find out what kind of attractions they offer that are predominately directed towards couples. For example, the Eiffel Tower in Paris is often considered to be an extremely romantic destination for couples.

I would like to point out though, that even my suggested study would not provide a completely perfect view of which cities are the most romantic. The reason I say this is because each individual has their own ideas on what they consider to be romantic. I know that this is the case because I for one do not consider the Eiffel Tower to be a romantic destination due to my crippling fear of heights. It would be a MAJOR accomplishment to even get me up there, and basically impossible for me to either open my eyes or enjoy myself. So in terms of romantic tourist attractions… I have different ideas.

Furthermore, certain activities could be romantic to some, but not to others, based on what the two parties enjoy doing and doing together (for example, being taught something like…mini golf, by your significant other might be appealing to some people).

I also find the claim that Waterloo is the most romantic city in Ontario to be completely baffling because I live here, and… I just don’t see it whatsoever. It’s a nice place, but definitely not the most romantic location in Ontario.

Best Wishes,



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