There is so much that I could say about this episode of Doctor Who. I purposely waited a few hours after I watched it to type this, because I was just so unprepared for the onslaught of emotions that racked my body.

There were confusing moments, mostly on River/Melody’s timeline and how it doesn’t seem to be in reverse. There were scary bits, with the baby weeping angels and the Statue of Liberty being a giant one as well.

But more importantly, in The Angels Take Manhattan…we said goodbye to Amy and Rory.

I knew this was their last episode, but the roller coaster was not what I was expecting. I knew something was up when the Doctor was yelling about not reading ahead, and what if Amy read that Rory died? Shortly after that we saw a glimpse of a gravestone with Rory’s name on it.

The first time I cried though, was on the rooftop of the Winter Quay, when Rory climbed onto the edge as Amy was staring at the Statue of Liberty.  He brought her hand up to his chest and told her that he needed her to push him off of the edge to create the paradox. He said he would come back because once the paradox was created, there would have been nothing for him to jump off of.

But then Amy climbed onto the edge as well, and as the Doctor and River came and the Doctor screamed at what they were doing… Amy and Rory jumped off the edge of the roof together. At this point, I was really crying. They slowed their fall down, with sad music, and had Amy pulling Rory in for a hug as they fell.

I truly thought that it would be the end, but then they awoke in the graveyard where they started. Everything was fine; they were going to be okay. I completely forgot that this was their last episode at this point; that is how good everything was. But then Rory stopped at the gravestone with his name on it and…was touched by the lone surviving Weeping Angel.

Amy’s heart broke in to a million pieces, and I began crying again. She screamed for the Doctor…and in the remaining minutes of the show she was in tears asking if this angel would take her to Rory if she sacrificed herself once more.

I truly have no idea what a love like Amy and Rory’s feels like…one to be so heartbroken over when you lose your other half that you would do absolutely anything to see them again (like rip apart New York completely). This love is so heart-wrenchingly beautiful…

This episode, though if you looked at it critically isn’t the most amazing piece of television, has to be one of the best finales that I have seen in not only Doctor Who, but any other television show that I can possibly think of.

I have not cried this much since watching Rose fall to a parallel world back in the Doomsday episode. I remember that day clearly: I was in my basement watching it and let out a loud, painful cry that was just so strong my mom came rushing downstairs to see if I was alright. This time, my cry wasn’t loud. It was silent, because I just couldn’t hold it in and I could not stop.

My only comfort is that Amy and Rory did spend the rest of their lives with one another. She got her best chance, even if she had to say goodbye to her Raggedy Doctor.

Best Wishes,



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