Time For Tea: Bathing Suit Shopping Stress

For the past couple of weeks, I have been trying to find a new bathing suit. I do have one already, but I am not sure it is the right one for me anymore. Well, not all of the time at least. See, the biggest thing at play here for me is I am not always comfortable with the way my body looks, something I know many women out there can agree with. My primary point of self-consciousness is my belly and the fat that exists there. Is it over the top? No, and I know there are many who have more belly fat than I do. But this doesn’t change my experience. It is what I know. Would I be happier if I had more belly fat in the past and had lost a decent amount of weight to get where I am now? Sure. But I can only work with what I know.

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Who Am I?: Still Me Review

“I think at some point, dear, you’re going to have to work out who Louisa Clark is.”

Still Me by JoJo Moyes is the third book in a series following the life of one Louisa Clarke, starting off with a significant period of her life involving Will Traynor back in the first book, Me Before You. Still Me picks up on her life as she reconnects with Nathan, who was a big part of Will’s life (medical caregiver) when she was helping care for Will as well. Nathan found her a job as an assistant to the wife of the man he was helping out, hence her move from England to New York.

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Time For Tea: Frustrations About Fandom

Good morning everyone!

I wanted to be writing (and posting) this earlier than this, but unfortunately, I was awake until roughly two in the morning because my computer needed to update. I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep comfortably until it was finished since I’ve had bad luck with updates in the past, so I stayed up for it. However, this seemed to be a pretty big update and took quite some time to finish, and as such, lead to me waking up a little bit later than I wanted to. But I digress.

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Rehabilitation: Postcards From The Edge Review

“Life is a cruel, horrible joke and I am the punch line.”

I have read all of Carrie Fisher’s memoirs, so now is the time to turn my attention to her fiction. Of course, I decided to start at the beginning with Postcards From The Edge. Now, for those who may not be aware, Postcards From The Edge follows Suzanne Vale in a rehab program as she attempts to overcome a drug addiction. Now, given what I know of Carrie and having read this book, I also know this is partially autobiographical. There are differences, obviously, but I digress.

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Check The Door: Into The Darkest Corner Review

“Then for some reason I’ve not done it properly one day, and that’s no good at all, because if you’re going to do something that’s for your own benefit, you’ve got to do it properly or there’s no point.”

Is your door locked?

Are you sure?

This is the life Cathy has lead ever since she experienced horror after horror when in a relationship with Lee Brightman. The door needs to be checked. The windows checked. She can only drink tea on certain days. Things need to be done at certain times. Or everything falls apart.

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